Official websites of the Baha段 Faith

Baha段 Faith - The official website of the Baha段s of the United States. (http://www.bahai.us/ )

Bahai World News service - A news service from the Baha段 International Community (http://news.bahai.org/ )

Bahai.org - The international website of the Baha段s of the world (http://www.bahai.org )

Bah癇 Topics - An information resource of the Baha段 International Commuity is a Web Site that represents the official presence of the Baha段 Faith on the World Wide Web. It is sponsored by the Office of Public Information of the Bah癇 International Community (http://info.bahai.org/ )

Baha'i International Community  United Nations Office   (http://bic.org)

Bahai.com  - E-zine on the Baha段 Faith and its Worldwide Community. (http://www.bahai.com/thebahais )

Baha'i Sacred Texts  (http://www.reference.baha.org)

Baha'i Photo Library (http://www.media.bahai.org)

Baha'i Books and music (http://www.bahaibookstore.com


Baha段 websites general information

Baha段 Library online - Searchable library of Baha段 resources, articles, papers, compilations, multi-media, provisional translations, biographies, poetry and more. Online for 16 years it is an excellent resource.

Bahaikipedia - An online Baha段 encyclopedia based on contributions from volunteers.

Bahai-Faith.org - An introduction to the Baha段 Faith in many languages

The Baha段 Faith a short introduction by Moojan Momen



Baha段 Prayers

Santa Fe Baha'i Blog - Baha'i prayers and announcements

Baha段 Prayers - a compilation of Baha段 prayers in many languages including many Native languages.

Oraciones Baha'is


Baha段 Youth

Bahai-Youth.org -- A comprehensive list of Baha段 Youth Communities and Workshops


  Native American Baha段 Websites

NativeBahais.com - a website for Native and Indigenous Baha段s of the United States, Canada and the Hawaiian Islands. Contains the history of early Native Baha段s from the 1920痴 to the current time.

Native American Baha段 Institute - NABI - located on the Navajo (Din) reservation in Arizona. It is one of the five permanent Baha段 schools in the United States.

Baha'i Faith and Native Americans  - Wikipedia article

Baha'i Prayers in Many languages - includes many Native American and Native Canadian languages


African American Baha段 Websites

Baha'i Black Men's Gathering (U.S.): http://www.blackmensgathering.org/

Baha'i Blog: http://www.bahaithought.com/ Phillipe Copeland, a Baha段 in Boston who examines social issues from an African-American perspective on his blog

  For more information on the Baha'i Faith and African Americans:

Selected Profiles of African American Baha'is

Baha'i Faith African American

Selected Profiles of American Baha'i Women  - H. Elsie Austin

Alain Locke

Washington DC Baha'i - Black Men's Gathering

National Baha'i Black Men's Gathering

Baha'i Race Unity day

Or contact our local Santa Fe Baha'i community at: africanamericansantafebahai@gmail.com



Spanish Language Baha段 sites

Oraciones Baha'is

Baha'is de Mexico - http://www.bahai.mx/


The Baha段 Faith for the Blind

Baha段 Service for the Blind: http://www.bahaiservicefortheblind.org/



 Baha'i Owned and Baha'i Sponsored Non-Profit Organizations

Orphanage Support Foundation - Baha'i-inspired non-profit organization passionately dedicated to feeding hundreds of orphans and disadvantaged children around the world. Today there are more than 180 million orphans worldwide and growing.

( http://www.orphanagesupportfoundation.org )


 santa fe baha'i faith contact

Santa Fe Baha'i phone number  505-982-3788

 Santa Fe Baha'i Email Address  santafebahai@gmail.com


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